To say "knowledge is Power" is an understatement.  When dealing with the business of owning a home and home insurance, knowledge is freedom.  Here at TPAS, we are dedicated to finding different ways to pull back the veil and debunk the myths about home insurance.  One of the ways we can provide this knowledge is through literature.  

  Below is the first book in our Now What? Series, appropriately named, 'You're an Adjuster, Now What? The Inside Adjuster Guide'.  This is geared to take you through the home insurance claims process from start to finish.  Although you may not understand construction or insurance technical terms, the first thing you must grasp is the concept of being a claims adjuster and knowing how the process works.  Once you have acquired this, gaining knowledge of other components will become easier as time goes on.  

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 According to Merriam-Webster, an insurance adjuster is: “a person employed by an insured or insurer to determine the loss under an insurance policy.”  As an adjuster, your job is to assess the homeowners’ damage and create an estimate to which puts a monetary value upon the damaged item(s). The estimate shows the homeowner how much it will cost to return the home to the condition it was in prior to the damaging event...
 Here you will be taken through the entire claims process as an inside adjuster, from the initial call to your settlement. When finished, you’ll be well on your way to being an invaluable adjuster.  


Your're An Adjuster, Now What?


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